General Conduct

1) If any rule is broken, attempt to sort the issue out In-Character first, attempt talk to the suspect, contact security or police, if all else fails, contact an admin on discord.

2) There will be no mic-spamming, scripting, hacking, cheating, meta-gaming or any other kind of illicit advantage gaining of any kind. Hackusating will also get you muted, if you think someone is cheating, report them by pressing F7 in game.

3) We do not tolerate any kind of ISM! Racism, Sexism, Ageism, In-Character or Out, they are all a big no no! be warned, this will get you instantly banned without question, discussion or appeal.

4) Keep to Roleplay as much as possible, Remember if this was real life, you wouldn’t jump from a second story building, When you get killed you can go back and collect your stuff, but if this was real life, you would be dead and you wouldn’t be able to tell anyone who killed you, if we could people would think twice before killing someone.

5) Banditry and Robbery they are required to have roleplay behind them, maybe you are employed by someone or you setup a toll booth on your claimed bit of road. running up to someone during the day and robbing them is not allowed. (if someone responds by killing you, do not shout KOS, its your fault.)

Building/Land Rules

6) Bunker bases and dropbox bases(f1 kill and respawn) are not allowed, each room of your base must be accessible via doors or windows.

7) With the exception of SAM sites, all traps and turrets must not be accessible to public unless there are clear warning signs, to alert public to the danger. (except badlands bases)

8) Greifing/Harrasment is not allowed, Base take over IS. Do not seal up peoples bases unless taking over and or still raiding. editing other peoples signs without permission is considered griefing also.

9) Wilderness – Your are NOT allowed to KOS anyone in Wildlands, your are however allowed to raid as there are no building protections, be warned this will create a KOS bubble and KOS will then be allowed in that area.

10) Land owners are encouraged to make thier own rules on their land.

11) There is No KOS in Claimed Land (unless land owner has created discord post declaring the rules of thier land). Land owner rules are not enforcable by admins.

12) You cannot raid another factions base without going to declaring Hostilies and then War. to declare Hostilies and War against another faction you must first post on discord the reasoning behind the hostilies/war

13) You cannot declare a war on another faction for no legimitiate reason. making up lies in the discord post is not allowed, twisting the truth or “propaganda” is.