Rust Rewards

Discord Rewards

What you get in the Discord Rewards

  • Skinbox (/s)
  • SignArtists (/sil)

To get this:

  1. Join Our Discord Here
  2. In-Game Chat type: /discord “Discord Name” “Discord ID” (e.g. /discord Teal 9423)
  3. Bot will message you a code in discord. take note of code.
  4. In-Game Chat type: /discord “Code from Bot” (e.g. /discord 5158)

This will activate your discord rewards, and allow you to use Skinbox, SignArtists and allow you to claim 2x Door Closers every wipe.

VIP Rewards

What you get in the VIP Rewards

  • Skinbox (/s)
  • SignArtists (/sil)
  • Easter Decoration Kit
  • Xmas Decoration Kit
  • Xmas Tree Decoration Kit
  • Halloween Decoration Kit

To get this:

  1. Donate to the Cause

We will activate your VIP rewards, and allow you to use all the Skinbox, SignArtist and the Decoration Kits.

Whats in the Kits:

Easter Decoration Kit

  • Bunny Suit
  • Bunny Ears
  • Bunny Basket
  • Blue and Red RustigĂ© Eggs
  • Easter Reef

Xmas Decoration Kit

  • Lollipop Decor
  • Candy Cane Decor
  • Xmas Tree
  • Santa Hat
  • Reindeer Antlers
  • Christmas Reef
  • 2 Doorway Garlands
  • 5 Window Garlands
  • 10 Xmas Lights

Xmas Tree Decoration Kit

  • Gingerbread Men
  • Pine Cones
  • Candy Canes
  • Tinsel
  • Baubles
  • Top Star
  • Tree Lights

Halloween Decoration Kit

  • Scarecrow headwrap
  • Headstone
  • Large Candle
  • 2x Small Candles
  • Couldron
  • Door knocker
  • Pumpkin Face
  • Coffin