Faction Commands

/faction create – Opens a menu to create a faction

/faction invite – Opens the menu to invite a player

/faction – Opens the faction management panel, where you can:
– See your faction name, member count, and claim upkeep cost
– Note, the first number of the claim upkeep box (how much will be due in 24 hours) will be red if your headquarters TC does not have enough to pay the upkeep, and green if it does.
– See all online/offline players in your faction
– Select a player from the two lists and choose to promote, demote, kick, or transfer ownership to the player
– When you select a player, you will also see their rank and last seen online time
– Invite players by typing their name in a box
– Leave or disband your faction
– Change and view your faction’s tax rate

/f MESSAGE – Sends a message only your faction can see.

/faction status FACTION – Shows the member count and offline/online players of specified faction.

/faction member PLAYER – Shows if the player is in a faction, their rank in said faction, and last seen online time.

/faction list PAGE# – Lists all existing factions.

Claim Commands

/claim land – Starts the process to claim a tile, you must hit a tool cupboard within the tile you wish to claim and have enough scrap in your inventory (cost can be checked with /claim cost). If your faction has less than a configurable amount of players, three by default, you cannot claim land.

/claim cost- Displays the cost for your faction to claim a tile.

/claim upkeep – Displays the following information:
– Scrap cost to upkeep your faction’s tiles
– How much scrap is in your faction’s HQ tool cupboard
– How long you have until your upkeep is due

/claim sell XY SCRAP – Puts the specified claimed tile up for sale for said scrap amount.

/claim buy XY – Buys the specified claim tile for your faction if it’s for sale.

/claim list FACTION – Lists all tiles owned by specified faction.

/claim hq – Begins process to move your faction’s HQ tool cupboard, you must hit the tool cupboard you wish to be your HQ with a hammer.

/claim tc – Begins process to move which tool cupboard controls a tile, you must hit the tool cupboard you wish to control the tile with a hammer.

/claim transfer PLAYER – Begins process to transfer a claim to another faction.

War Commands

/war – Opens the diplomacy management panel, where you can:

– View all wars your faction is currently participating in
– Select a war from the list, where you can offer a ceasefire, treaty, or attempt to surrender.
– View all subjects your faction currently has.
– Select a subject from the list, where you can either change the % of taxes you take from the subject’s taxes, or choose to relieve the subject, which means they will no longer be yours.

/war hostile FACTION – Declares hostilities on specified faction. This will start a 24 hour timer until either faction is allowed to declare war on one another. Hostilities allow for each faction to be fully aware that war may be coming (avoids being declared war on out of nowhere), and also allows for diplomacy before war actually starts.

/war declare FACTION – Declares war on specified faction. If you either haven’t declared hostilities yet or you haven’t waited through the timer, you can’t declare war yet. Otherwise, you can kill on sight in each other’s land now, but you cannot raid until 5 hours have passed. This is to give time to the faction declared on to prepare.

/war treaty FACTION – Offers or accepts a treaty, if accepted, will end a war with no repercussions to either side.

/war surrender FACTION – Offers or accepts a surrender. If accepted, the surrendering faction will become a subject of the opposing faction, and a configurable portion of their taxes will go to their new owner’s tax chest.

/war ceasefire FACTION – Offers or accepts a ceasefire. If accepted, both faction’s land is no longer a warzone for 30 minutes. This is mostly for attempts at peace.

/war status – Displays all wars your faction is currently apart of, and the time until raiding starts next to each war.

/war list – Displays all current wars on the server, and the time until raiding starts next to each war.

Taxes Commands

/tax rate XX – Sets your faction’s tax rate, the maximum tax can be set is 70%.

/tax chest – Starts the process to set your faction’s tax chest, you must hit a chest with a hammer.

Subject Commands

/subject tax FACTION XX – Sets the portion you will take from your subject’s taxes. The max percentage is 20%.

/subject submit FACTION – Allows you to submit as a subject to specified faction, without having to go to war and surrender. You will immediately become the specified faction’s subject, and this cannot be undone (by you).

/subject relieve FACTION – Relieves this faction from being your faction’s subject. You will no longer receive a percentage of their taxes.[13:37] Teal: Map Commands:
The map ( opened with /map ) can be used to see:
1. What land is claimed, along with the locations of the headquarters of each faction and also the locations of each claim tool cupboard for each claimed tile.
2. Which tiles are Badlands (which means they are KOS areas)
3. All monument locations and names
4. Your real time location and direction
5. Every member of your faction’s real time location
– Pins created by other players to advertise shops, hotels, harbors, or towns

Pin Commands

Pins allow players to create pins on the /map for either a shops, towns, hotels, or harbors in their faction’s claimed land for a small scrap cost ( 300 scrap ).

/pin add TYPE NAME – Adds a pin at the player’s location as long as they are: a manager or owner of the faction, in their faction’s claimed land, and have enough scrap to pay for the pin.

/pin remove NAME – Removes a pin as long as the pin is in the player’s faction’s claimed land and they are a manager or owner of said faction.

/pin list PAGE# – Lists all pins with their location, name, and pin type.

/pin personal NAME – Creates a pin that only you can see

/pin faction NAME – Creates a pin that only your faction can see