Welcome to Duck Ponds, Home of Duck Factions Roleplay | PVE | PVP Rust Server.

Welcome to the Duck Ponds! Here you can find information on our server, along with any resources you might need.

We have reward Tiers coming for people who are part of our discord and those who wish to donate.

On Duck Factions Roleplay server we don’t limit your role-play creativity, we encourage everyone to take part in each others role-play aspects and have as much fun as possible. Claim your land and become the dominant force around, Charge your trespassers Tax for taking your materials. Here you can tame your very own pet, have a boar or a chicken follow you around, Go Fishing with your friends and bring back that smelly trout or even take them Treasure Hunting with our Buried Treasure Maps. It’s your time, your place, your fantasy.

We have an in-game store using /S to access where you can spend RP points on any non craft able item in game, and we have skinbox which can be accessed with /skinbox to skin all your deployables, clothes and weapons. if we don’t have a skin you want, use the skinbox request form on the website or in the discord.

Duck Factions Roleplay | PVE | PVP Rust Server

  • Waggy Factions
  • AbsolutSorter,
  • Draw Bridges
  • Skinbox (/s)
  • SignArtist
  • No Group Limit
  • BlackJack Tables
  • Slot Machines,
  • Buried Treasure
  • Fishing
  • Pets
  • Player Challenges
  • Furnace Splitter
  • Everlight
  • Laptop Crate Hack
  • SignMap
  • Tree Planter
  • Vanilla Crafting Speed,

Wipe Schedule

Monthly Map/BP Wipe: First Thursday of every month. @ Forced Update.

*The wipe on forced update day will be done when the update for oxide is released which does usually happens within 30 minutes of main server update. Also as always as the server is heavily modified, there may be bugs.